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Pedals with a price-performance ratio you’ve never seen. VX-PRO pedals are the end result of three years of development and include certain features from our R7 and Thera models.


Extremely wide and easy adjustments for the brake resistance combined with freely and independently adjustable “dual stage” functionality guarantees a braking feel that is perfectly tailored for you – the end result is full confidence even in the most challenging braking zones.


The high fidelity response of the throttle provides perfect control on the corner exits, and if you want to maximize control accuracy, check out our tilting heel support. We highly recommend the side support as well.
Mounting pattern: here


The unforeseen mechanical structure of the clutch pedal allows creating response profiles completely freely – end result being the best clutch we’ve ever used. Resistance can be adjusted in a matter of seconds from road car feel to race car feel.


Dan Suzuki’s First Impressions review


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  • Ultimate price to performance ratio
  • Load cells used with all pedals (brake: 200kg)
  • Large & smooth pedal faces for great comfort
  • Stainless steel ball bearings in all pivot points
  • Adjustable pedal-to-pedal distance, narrow base design
  • Maintenance free design (load cells, sealed bearings): dust has no effect on the performance
  • Super rigid structure, zero play in any direction
  • Height adjustable pedal faces
  • Easy and fast adjustment for pedal progressivity in all pedals
  • Pedal angle adjustable 8.5 degrees
  • Calibration software with
    • Adjustable dead zones
    • Non-linear response curves
    • Save to file & load profile from file feature
  • Compatible with Pedal Base Plate and Heel Stopper
  • Mounting pattern: click to see pic here
  • Compatible with ISO 10243 Die Springs
  • Compatible with consoles via Drive Hub! Extra info for PS5: here
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled 100% in Finland
  • Warranty: two years


  • Ultra smooth and precise feel
  • No metal-to-metal contact
  • Travel adjustable
  • Side support for foot (optional, compatible with brake & clutch as well)
  • Integrated Dual Action heel support available (optional, compatible with brake & clutch as well)
  • Three different mechanical settings for progressivity


  • 200kg load cell, 90kg max braking force from foot
  • Adjustable 2-stage braking feel
  • Four different mechanical settings for progressivity


  • Adjustable feel (two different profile plates included)
  • Two different mechanical settings for progressivity



8 reviews for VX-PRO Pedals

  1. JJRFin (verified owner)

    First impression:
    The first impression of these pedals is fantastic. Easy to setup up and adjust overall. I love that there are different stiffness options for the throttle and brake and it only takes a moment to change them without tools.

    The brake pedal is just perfect at least for me. I got the feeling of it just like I want the brake pedal feel. Very precise and very easy to perform trail braking. Cars are much easier to control under braking at least in ACC and iRacing. Also hopping between those two sims somehow feels a lot easier than before thanks to these pedals.

    I was very skeptical about the throttle side support but wow, life hack, it brought some comfort and I love it.

    Easily the best pedals I have used so far and I have no reason to change the pedals anymore. It was worth to wait for these pedals.

  2. Flasche84 (verified owner)

    I found out just before pre-orders started from a friend I utterly trust these pedals were coming, I decided to take a plunge and order these.

    After a – let’s be honest – a longer wait then expected, I today received my set. You only get one chance at a first impression, and after installing them on my rig (which is a breeze because everything is so well designed) I got mine. And boy, did that one hit home.

    Setting these up are ridiculously easy, finally a piece of kit you don’t need to be a mechanical or software engineer to operate it. I booted up my sim of choice (rF2) and within driving for five minutes I thought: “Someone in Finland must have a picture of me on their desk and thought “I’m gonna make that bloke some pedals””

    They feel that natural to drive, all three pedals. The throttle is as delicate as it is straightforward. It’s throw is shorter than I was used to, but again, the feel is so good. The clutch is surprisingly heavy (as in my opinion a clutch should feel) and the bite point feel is an insanely clever find.

    But the star of the set is the brake. The feeling on them is so precise and delicate it feels totally natural to drive. I can only assume these were designed and engineered by people who know what real-life performance brakes feel like. Braking at speed with these mean the brakes can be controlled as you’d like.

    If some adjustments are needed, this can as easily be done as making set-up adjustments in any sim.

    All-in-all I can only make one conclusion. Simgrade haven’t just made new pedals with the VX-PRO set, they made a new yardstick.

    It was the first time I bought something from Simgrade and it certainly won’t be the last. The support is good and very friendly and they didn’t make any fuss about answering my questions. They assured me the wait was worth it. They were right. And some

  3. k4ylr (verified owner)

    After a long wait I’ve finally got mine. Worth the wait! Included hardware is a nice touch, quality ball-spring tnuts threaded for M6 bolts. Plenty of hardware to mount the pedals to your rig as well as the controller box.

    The pedal mount slots/holes are sized for M6 and my existing M8 hardware was too large. Mine will be mounted to an ASR-4 with the aluminum pedal mounts and heel plate.

    Throttle has a very controllable travel range, with 3 rough settings for gross pedal resistance and fine resistance set via spring preload and lock nuts.

    The brake is a beast, but very smooth. Similar adjustment mechanisms as the throttle, with built-in buckets for gross resistance setting and fine travel adjustment via the die-spring preload.

    Pedal faces are nicely machined, smooth and have nicely finished edges with no tangible burrs. Polished finish may need some friction surface applied if you are a barefoot alien.

    One small caveat is that the RJ pigtails are rather short from the pedals which will limit your mounting options for the controller box in relation to the pedals. Just something to consider.

    These are a great contender in the market for mid to high end LC pedals and should absolutely be measured against the VRS DFP, VNM Sim and Heusinkveld options.

  4. Ravone McGeachy (verified owner)

    Just got them and still cannot believe that they were $299 at one point. Thanks to Dan for the video review, and to Simgrade for making a great set of pedals. Just did a review of the pedals and you can see what I think here. https://youtu.be/8HaieCVmiq8
    My only want is for the software to have a Brake Force controller. Either I am missing it, or it is not in the software. Everything else is top notch and the star of the show is the Brake pedal. OMG I feel so much more consistent it is crazy. It is like this pedal was made for my driving style.
    All in all A+, definitely glad I upgraded from the HE Sprints.

  5. Abbasoturi (verified owner)

    Got a tip from friend that these were on pre-orders stage and got mine finally and these are great value for the price. I was looking to buy more expensive ones, but no need anymore. The pedal feeling is great and I have already got quicker on Acc on just few short sessions. I also opted the tilting heel support for both pedals and it needs something to get used to, but i can say that it helps my bad knee, not to get annoyed too much on more techincal tracks thanks to extra support and keeping my leg on optimal angle. The side support is also nice addition to pedal and I will getting a second one for brake pedal also.

  6. Marc (verified owner)

    got my tripple set. clutch is very stiff as expected, break is the best i´ve used so far with the best trail off performance, and after some changes on the throttle a realy good part. after some rounds on the nordschleife, i can break much later and the ABS didn´t clickt in. simgrade did a really good job on these set

  7. Ralf Bart (verified owner)

    After a long wait, they have now arrived. What was very positive that the new brake kit was supplied immediately.Besides 2 more spring include 2 pedal arms with other bearing receptacles. This set I have now installed after I have used the standard setup. The blue (soft) spring has come into use. The highest (hardest) bearing position I have chosen. So now you have a travel of about 1.5 cm and a very hard pedal. The standard pedal arms can even be used on the gas pedal, but only in the two upper bearing points which makes the gas pedal then very hard. The workmanship is good industry standard. The material thickness is less than for example Heusinkveld Sprint. All in all, I sort them on about the same level as the Heusinkfeld Sprints. What is problematic is the preload of the spring on the gas pedal. It can only be operated from behind with one finger. Two fingers do not work because there is no space and you can not reach from the front. So the preload is only possible up to a certain point that one finger can handle. The pedal plates are very wide executed what I find good. Sock rides are thus unproblematic. The software is easy to understand and easy to use. It should still be inserted the possibility to adjust the Kg’s. Would I recommend it for purchase? = YES

  8. Carlos Alberto Costa Pereira Junior (verified owner)

    I didn’t get these on the pre-order price as I was one week late seeing Dan’s video. Nevertheless, I pulled the trigger on the 3 pedal set, coming from a T-LCM, wich is to me a really good pedal, these are just on another level, beautiful craftmanship, everything is tight, easy to setup, pedal plates are massive, not a ridiculous amount of adjustability but probably more then 90% of racers will need and software is easy to use. I thought it would be a long learning curve adjusting to these pedals but within the first hours I was reaching my PR’s, I DID NOT expect this at all! The shipping was incredibly fast, from finland to brazil in just 5 working days, I’m used to buying things from Europe and USA and I’ve never seen a delivery as fast. Props to simgrade, these pedals are amazing, even at the standard price. Keep up the good work!

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