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  • Heusinkveld Sprint


    • Strong, compact and widely adjustable design
    • Precision laser cut steel, with grey anthracite RAL7016 and bead blasted semi-gloss surface finish
    • Maximum actual brake pedal load 65 kg
    • Brake feel easily adjustable with 6 different rubber stack heights and a spring for simulating free play before brake pads start to bite
    • Load cells don’t wear out, are very accurate and insensitive to dust and dirt, features which make LCs the #1 solution for signal measuring in sim pedals
    • SmartControl software allows easy configuration of dead zones, brake force and non-linear pedal output curves
    • Base plate for Sprint pedals: click HERE
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  • Heusinkveld Sprint base plate


    • Solid platform to mount Sprint pedals on your rig
    • Mounting points are slots allowing lateral adjustment per individual pedal: 29 mm for brake, 24 mm for throttle & clutch
    • Height adjustable heel plate, options: 0/20/40 mm
    • Mounting hardware is supplied to mount the pedals to the base plate, as well as hardware to mount the base plate to a 6 mm thick underlying plate
    • Powder coated anthacite grey & bead blasted semi-gloss surface finish
  • Pedal deck

    • The same pedal deck as in RiGiDity
    • 10 mm aluminium equals [sturdy af]:ness and zero flex
    • Width: 500 mm | Depth 272 mm
    • Powder coated matte black surface finish
    • Natively compatible with Heusinkveld Sprint and Fanatec V3 pedals
    • Aluminium is easy to drill ⇒ add holes if needed
    • Adjustable side brackets included (steel, 5 mm)
    • Side brackets can be flipped 180 deg
    • Bolts, nuts & washers included (like shown in product pic)
    • If extra bolts etc. are needed, mention it in order comments
  • Heusinkveld Ultimate


    • Compact and durable design using custom developed 12 bit USB electronics
    • Instant and accurate response
    • Maximum actual brake force 136 kg (300 lbs) measured with a 200 kg load cell
    • Maximum clutch force 45 kg (100 lbs)
    • Adjustable pedal geometry and pedal force
    • Adjustable hydraulic damping per pedal
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