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  • VX-PRO Brake Kit V1


    • Alternative brake kit for VX-PRO pedals
    • Two softer springs (vs. default yellow)
      • Red: medium
      • Blue: soft
    • New side plates
      • Available load bearing positions (four) differ from the stock plates, see last product image
        • Red line depicts the stock side plate, black line the Brake Kit V1 version. This design allows extra brake configurations to find & match driver preference perfectly.
        • Top position is higher than in the stock plates, creating a ‘maxxed-out’ stiffness configuration (with the yellow spring)
    • The springs included can be used with the stock side plates, and the new side plates with the yellow (default) spring



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  • VX-PRO Pedals


    Pedals with a price-performance ratio you’ve never seen. VX-PRO pedals are the end result of three years of development and include features from our R7 and Thera models.


    Extremely wide and easy adjustments for the brake resistance combined with freely and independently adjustable “dual stage” functionality guarantees a braking feel that is perfectly tailored for you – the end result is full confidence even in the most challenging braking zones.


    The high fidelity response of the throttle provides perfect control on the corner exits, and if you want to maximize control accuracy, check out our tilting heel support. We recommend the side support as well.
    Mounting pattern: here


    The unbeforeseen mechanical structure of the clutch pedal allows creating response profiles completely freely – end result being the best clutch we’ve ever used. Resistance can be adjusted in a matter of seconds from road car feel to race car feel.



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  • Side support for VX-PRO pedals


    Prevents foot from sliding sideways, resulting in decreased fatigue and increased comfort.


    Driving becomes more relaxed, which in turn boosts consistency and performance, particularly when driving long stints.


    Material: 2mm stainless steel. Compatible with all VX-PRO pedals, price is per one pedal.






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  • Tilting heel support for VX-PRO pedals


    Supports driver’s heel through the whole pedal travel range, eliminating need for repositioning your foot during racing.


    In addition, sole of the foot sliding along pedal face is effectively in the history.


    Briefly put, this brilliant kit brings comfort and input accuracy to a whole new level!


    Compatible with VX-PRO throttle & brake. Price is per one pedal.





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  • Heel Stopper


    • Sturdy, adjustable heel stopper
    • Steel with 3 mm thickness
    • Matte black surface finish
    • Dimensions: see product image
    • Mounting with M6 (or smaller) bolts. M6 bolts included.
    • Compatible with Pedal base plate



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  • Pedal Base Plate


    • Sturdy base plate for pedals
    • Aluminum with 8mm thickness
    • Matte black surface finish (fine structured powder coat)
    • Natively compatible with VX-PRO, Thera and R7 pedals
      • Can be used as a universal base plate as well
    • Heel stopper fits the plate like a charm (see last pic)
    • Width 386 mm | Length 286 mm
    • Mounting slot holes distance (lateral) 362 mm
    • Recommended mounting bolts: M8 or M6 (M8 included)
    • All dimensions: see product image



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  • Heel Support / Stopper


    • Great for VX-PRO and Thera pedals, can be used with basically any pedals
    • Fixing bolts M5 & t-nuts M5 included for mounting to aluminum profile (or just a plain plate)
    • Can be mounted on any flat surface
    • Black powder coating surface finish
    • Width 386 mm




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  • R7 Pedals (Spec C)


    Want to maximize pedal control and feed level accuracy? Look no further. All aspects of the R7 pedals have been designed with unmatched adjustability and best possible ergonomics in mind.


    Packed with innovative features to match the driver’s preference perfectly. Result: a level of control yet to be seen.


    The essence of R7 pedals is to provide a competitive edge. It’s up to you to capitalize on it.


    Wanna fine tune to the max? Advanced Brake Kit 2.0
    New pedal faces with throttle side support (02/2023)


    DAN SUZUKI 02/2023 Spec C, ABK & new throttle pedal face
    Race Beyond Matter First Drive (Spec C)
    Race Beyond Matter Full review (Spec C)

    Customer reviews
    Sim Racing Garage (Spec B)


    Manual & calibration software
    Videos of R7 features


    Full specs: scroll down

  • R7 pedal faces with throttle side support


    • Optional brake & throttle (DS style) PF’s for R7 pedals
      • Compatible with all R7 specs
    • Shape in both is slightly different vs. R7’s default
    • The most important feature is the side support in throttle pedal face, towards which the driver’s foot can rest on. This results in:
      • Improved ergonomics
      • Decreased driver fatigue (especially during long stints)
      • Higher driver performance and better consistency
    • Brake pedal face
      • Slightly larger radius (less convex) vs. default
      • Extra width: 74mm (default = 55mm)
    • Availability
      • Throttle only
      • Throttle & brake



  • R7 Advanced Brake Kit 2.0


    • Optional brake kit for R7 pedals (Spec C)
    • Included:
      • Two pushrod packs (see arrows in the main image)
      • All required bolts, nuts & washers for mounting the kit to R7 Spec C pedals
    • With this brake kit you can fine tune the the R7 pedals even further to your liking



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