Heusinkveld Hand Brake V2

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When rallying or drifting, you want full control.


The new Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake is a highly adjustable, pressure sensitive USB handbrake using load cell technology. A wide range of options to set your preferred mechanical feel, complete freedom to shape the output curve using Heusinkveld SmartControl. A versatile, high quality handbrake system.



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Designed with CAD and FEA, all structural parts are CNC precision laser cut steel with a bead blasted or fine-structured powder coat finish. It is strong, stiff and durable. The new Sim Handbrake has retained the overall lever dimensions of its predecessor, yet can handle a higher force and does this with a much more compact base. This makes installation in your simulator much easier.


Mounting materials

A selection of bolts and t-nuts is included with every Sim Handbrake. These should enable you to mount the handbrake to most aluminium profile based rigs using the adapter plate.

Because of the wide variety of rigs present in the market we cannot guarantee that the supplied materials will allow you to mount the Sim Handbrake to every rig. If you for example mount the handbrake to a (drilled) flat surface, you need to source the appropriate length bolts + nuts yourself in order to complete the installation.



The Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake features a wide range of mechanical adjustments to set the handbrake up to your liking.

A 2-stage spring system provides resistance when pulling the lever. An initial metal coil spring simulates the pad-to-disc gap and/or slack on the handbrake cable. The travel and preload on this spring are adjustable. You can also remove this initial coil spring if you wish to do so.

The main loading on the brake is simulator by compressing the Heusinkveld proprietary elastomers, giving an unprecedented progressive brake feel. A total of 3 elastomers are provided in order to set a soft, medium or stiff handbrake feeling.


Sensors & Output

The lever actuates a 120kg load cell, resulting in up to 22kg of actual force measured at the lever. The measurement of the handbrake force is linear. Using Heusinkveld SmartControl software, you have complete freedom to set custom non-linear output curves.

The electronics of the handbrake are integrated inside the handbrake base. The system as a whole has passed EMC compliance testing, guaranteeing a stable output signal. A USB cable is supplied with every handbrake in order to connect it to your Windows PC.


Calibration wizard

Your handbrake is pre-calibrated during assembly and can be used as a plug&play device. All adjustments in SmartControl can be made without having to recalibrate the handbrake.

In case you do need to recalibrate (for example after making certain mechanical adjustments to the handbrake), SmartControl has an easy to follow calibration wizard.

1 review for Heusinkveld Hand Brake V2

  1. Make73 (verified owner)

    My Fanatec handbrake (hall sensor and elastomer modded) broken and had to get new one.
    Quality of Fanatec was pretty bad, specially axle of it.

    New HE is pretty high price but I think it´s worth it.
    It´s totally from different planet than Fanatec.
    I took spring off and placed two hard rubbers, hydraulic feeling is just great!
    Adjusted 18kg force at Heusinkveld software and now it´s like real handbrake, easy to dose just right amount of force.

    Improved rally driving a lot!

    Thanks to Juhani for super fast delivery 🙂

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