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  • SIMGRADE° R7 Pedals


    Product update August 2021:

    ⇒ Advanced brake kit & Heel supports included as a default!
    ⇒ Orders from 27/8/2021 onwards are delivered with the newest spec (like in Sim Racing Garage’s review)


    Looking to maximize pedal control and feed level accuracy? Look no further. All aspects of the R7 pedals have been designed with unmatched adjustability and best possible ergonomics in mind.


    Packed with innovative features to match the driver’s preference perfectly. Result: a level of control yet to be seen.


    The essence of R7 pedals is to provide a competitive edge. It’s up to you to capitalize on it.


    Advanced brake kit (included as a default)
    Heel supports (included as a default)


    Manual & software 


    Videos of R7 features

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  • R7 Advanced brake kit


    • Additional brake kit for SIMGRADE° R7 pedals
    • Included in the kit / features
      • Extra PU-spring pack
        • Allows user to increase maximum pedal load (up to 120 kg). The harder the installed elastomer, the more force you can use on the pedal.
        • Can be used to change pedal feel & travel. Possible to create more progressive feel, for example.
      • Preload spring
        • Enables fine tuning of the pedal initial feel (preload) and the return speed & feel.
      • Load soft stop
        • Enables creating a soft limiter for the force at the load cell without changing the feel or travel of the pedal.
        • Increases the maximum pedal load.
    • Product images are displayed in the same order as the three components described above


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  • R7 Fixed heel supports


    • Prefer to use SIMGRADE° R7 pedals with a traditional, fixed heel support? Or individual support(s) per pedal? With this dedicated kit you’re set.
    • Both options included:
      • Full width plate
      • Individual, per pedal supports
    • With individual supports, both or only one of the two can be used
      • For instance: use fixed support with brake but not throttle



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