• Compact rig with black anodized finish
  • Rigid and sturdy construction: can be used with Direct Drive wheel bases
  • Natively compatible with Fanatec DD1, DD2 and CSL wheel bases
  • When this: Direct Drive mount is fixed to the platform, rig is compatible with:
    • Simucube 2 Sport, Pro & Ultimate
    • VRS Direct Force Pro
    • Simucube 1 and other previous generation Direct Drive wheel bases with MiGE motor 20/30 Nm
  • Direct “bolt through profile” mounting method ⇒ no angle brackets needed
    • Result: extra rigidity, easy to assemble and adjust, no squeaking noise when driving
  • Wheel base mounting platform can be tilted up / down to get a perfect wheel angle
  • Pedal deck can be easily moved back and forth
  • Basically any pedals can be mounted
  • Hand brake / shifter / mouse tray profile available as an option
  • Pedals in pics: SIMGRADE° Thera
  • Heel plate in pics: SIMGRADE° Thera heel plate


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