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    Heel stopper: 25% OFF!


    • Sturdy, adjustable heel stopper
    • Steel with 3 mm thickness
    • Matte black surface finish
    • Dimensions: see product image
    • Mounting with M6 (or smaller) bolts. M6 bolts included.
    • Compatible with Pedal base plate


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    Pedal base plate: 25% OFF!


    • Sturdy base plate for pedals
    • Aluminum with 8mm thickness
    • Matte black surface finish (fine structured powder coat paint)
    • Natively compatible with Thera and R7 pedals
      • Can be used as a universal base plate as well
    • Compatible with Heel stopper (see last pic)
    • Dimensions: see product image
    • Width 386 mm | Length 286 mm
    • Mounting slot holes distance (lateral) 362 mm
    • Recommended mounting bolts: M8 or M6 (M8 included)


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    Heel support/stopper: 25% OFF!


    • Ideal for Thera pedals, can be used with other pedals as well
    • Fixing bolts M5 & t-nuts M5 included for mounting to aluminum profile
    • Can be mounted on any flat surface as well
    • Black powder coating surface finish
    • Width 386 mm



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  • Heel support & stopper

    • Universal heel support / stopper
    • Slot holes: distance adjustable
    • Aluminum, matte black
    • Can be mounted to practically any flat surface
    • Countersunk slot holes (M4) for distance adjustment
    • With individual plates per pedal, user preference can be matched 100 %
    • 4 x bolts & T-nuts included per plate
    • 1 / 2 / 3 pcs available
    • Overall length: 118 mm | Width: 100 mm


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  • Heusinkveld Ultimate+ base plate

    With the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ being able to cope with up to 140 kg of force, standard rigs often show excessive flex under these loads. This baseplate helps to create a rigid mounting platform for your Sim Pedals Ultimate.


    The baseplate assembly consists of multiple elements: The main baseplate on which you mount the pedals, as well as two brackets which create ground clearance for the pedal bolts and nuts and provide mounting space for the pedal controller. The main baseplate element is 10 mm thick.


    Please note that the Sim Pedals Sprint have their own baseplate and this plate is not compatible with Sprints.


  • Heusinkveld Sprint base plate

    • Solid platform to mount Sprint pedals on your rig
    • Mounting points are slots allowing lateral adjustment per individual pedal: 29 mm for brake, 24 mm for throttle & clutch
    • Height adjustable heel plate, options: 0/20/40 mm
    • Mounting hardware is supplied to mount the pedals to the base plate, as well as hardware to mount the base plate to a 6 mm thick underlying plate
    • Powder coated anthacite grey & bead blasted semi-gloss surface finish


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