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  • Rexing Mayaris


    What’s the result if real life formula wheels are used as a reference? Answer: State of the art Formula steering wheel “Mayaris” by Rexing


    Full carbon fiber body. Magnetic paddle shifters. Optional paddles with dual action. Configurable RGB display. Polyurethane grips. Illuminated push-buttons. Superior finish.


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  • Rexing GT Wheel Timun v1.1


    • Full carbon fiber body
    • 4.3″ USBD480 LCD display compatible with popular sim racing software applications such as Simdash, Simhub and Z1
    • 11 RGB LEDs, 6 additional marshal RGB LEDs: all configurable to telemetry data. Adjustable brightness (using a potentiometer on the wheel), and wide variety of colors to choose from
    • 10 illuminated, dimmable push-buttons. Push buttons are high quality “Apem” brand with actuation force of 3.5 N and push travel of 1 mm
    • 2 x Multi-switch which functions simultaneously as a rotary encoder, a digital joystick and a button
    • 2 “Elma” brand thumb rotary encoders
    • Original Alcantara® grips: superior quality and feel
    • Weight: 1150 g | Diameter 320 mm | Grip thickest section 42 x 26 mm




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