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Looking to maximize pedal control and feed level accuracy? Look no further. All aspects of the R7 pedals have been designed with unmatched adjustability and best possible ergonomics in mind.


Packed with innovative features to match the driver’s preference perfectly. Result: a level of control yet to be seen.


The essence of R7 pedals is to provide a competitive edge. It’s up to you to capitalize on it.


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Advanced brake kit (included as a default)
Heel supports (included as a default)


Manual & software 


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  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Pedal control and feed level accuracy practically doubled via dual action pedal arm design
  • Heel can travel up / down with foot resulting in superior pedal control and feed accuracy
    • ‘Traditional’ heel supports can also be used: a) per pedal individually or b) one plate for all pedals
  • Fully adjustable pedal faces & heel supports for optimal pedal feel and ergonomics
  • Brake pedal max load 80 kg
  • Silent operation ensured with ball bearings and spherical rod-ends in the design
  • Maintenance free: no lubrication required
  • Adjustable pedal tilt angle (+8 / -16 degrees)
  • Super easy & fast adjustments for pedal travel, pedal feel and required operating force
  • Adjustable max. compression for each polyurethane spring in 1 mm steps
  • Adjustable limiter for brake travel (does not limit load, only travel)
  • Load cell signal measuring, all pedals
  • 12 bit resolution
  • Calibration software with dead zones, nonlinear response curves, adjustable profiles & save to file feature
  • Pedal-to-controller box cable lengths: brake 35 cm, throttle 25 cm
  • Double shielded USB cable
  • Controller box equipped with mounting holes (M4)
  • Can be mounted directly to ‘industry standard’ 80/20 aluminum profile (min. 40×120 mm spec or 2 separate profiles)
  • Made in Finland

8 reviews for SIMGRADE° R7 Pedals

  1. Artturi Soratie

    I cant say anything else that the pedals are perfect. You guys have really done something special!

  2. Robin Walters

    Quite simply the most unique and capable pedals I’ve ever owned… and I’ve owned quite a few! There’s a lot I could say about the R7’s but I’ll keep it brief for the purpose of this review. The quality of materials and workmanship, the aesthetics, the adjustability, the software… the list goes on, but the thing I love the most is that heel plate. I absolutely love the way your whole foot stays connected to the pedal at all times, it feels incredible and really does enhance your sense of control. I’ve never seen anything like it on any other pedal set and it really shows the guys at Simgrade put a lot of thought into the design. My search for the ideal pedals ended here.

  3. Jonas Karlsson

    I got the SimGrade R7’s are setup on the rig and did my first trials on them! First I want to say that I have never tried a set of hydraulic or pneumatic pedals, so I can not compare the SimGrade R7 to any of those! But here is my honest review and impressions after 1,5 hours on Spa in the McLaren 720S in ACC!
    First I felt I needed to get some kind of base line to use as comparison between the Sprints and the new R7’s. So I decided to give it a final shot to get below that elusive 2:17 on Spa in ACC with my Heusinkveld Sprints in anticipation of my new pedals. I have spent more than 600 hours in ACC and I have become quite decent overall. I can’t say I am good at all tracks yet, but I know Spa very well at this point and I have been able to do sub 2:18 during races consistently for a while now and low 2:17’s in Hotlap. Being real close many times I finally was able to put down a 2:16.956 after more than 3 hours of trying!🤘🏻 Now i had some serious time to compare the new pedals to!😀😀🤘🏻🤘🏻
    Monday the R7’s arrived and I eagerly unboxed them together with my son! First thoughts were that the presentation was very basic in a plain white box…but I know they are working on doing something much better…after all, I was probably one of the first to buy the R7’s! Taking them out the pedals felt really well built and heavy duty! I immediately noticed that the break pedal had a very short and hard throw, almost none existent actually! This had me a bit worried at first, since I had gone back from the real hard “F1” feeling in my Sprints to a more medium feeling with a little bit more throw that made me noticeably faster. But after asking Timo Koskela, the main designer of the pedals, if I should use the optional break kit he convinced me to wait and try them as they come first. So I did and mounted them on my rig without touching any settings or changing anything, except for the break pressure in the software! The first thing I noticed when I started using them was how smooth and short the throw was on the throttle!👍🏻 And I immediately felt more in control of the car than before! The control of the break pedal was also noticeably better and I could trail break on completely other level, in my opinion! Within two laps I was already doing low 2:17’s and on my 7th lap I broke my record from the day before with a 2:16.734 and kept the lap times in that range the whole time! And on the last lap of the night I did a 2:16.299!!!😳😳😳 Wow! Now, I did make some adjustments to the setup of the car and lower the temperature of the track some before the end of the evening…but have tried that before and not been close to anything like these times! Gaining almost 0.8 seconds in less than two hours on a new set of pedals is crazy!😳
    Of course there can be factors that are in play here… maybe these pedals fit my feet or body type better or I might have had the Sprints set up just a bit off… maybe it is some kind of placebo effect… or I just got lucky 15 laps in a row!☺️😉 But, as I see it, the immediate results and the feel of theses pedals is undeniable!👍🏻, with Timo and Juhani, have done a great job here and so far their customer support has been nothing but excellent! I will keep playing around with the settings for a while and see if I can make any improvements and report back if I find anything interesting. If anyone have questions or feedback, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer!👍🏻

  4. Carlos Diegues

    Thank you Simgrade, changed from HE Ultimate to this, Was looking for more confort, not lap times. They really are a step in the right direction, Lap times was about the same compared to HE within a few laps. The moving from the heel rest is a bit strange for a few laps, but it really improves confort. its what separates the R7 from everyone else. Adjustments are miles away from other also, From really soft brake to 0 movement… i can say after about 1 month driving it ,was well worth it. Recomended

  5. Make73

    Mechanical engineering masterpiece, lot´s of effort put to these.
    Dual action is great for precise control for pedal travel.
    No need upgrade from these.

    Customer service is also superb and that´s important thing in nowdays, IMHO.

    Only wish is little larger (and maby straight instead of curved) pedal faces for playing with socks, no problem when you find correct positions for ball and heel settings, it just take little time to find optimal ones.

  6. Levente Zari

    5 starts *****
    Perfect set – thank you

  7. Francois Goyette

    The R7 pedals are my 4th purchase and are the most precise and comfortable. And it’s amazing all the parameters we can have.
    I tested the gas pedals for the first time on F1 2021 at the Japanese circuit and I managed to maintain the pedal with good precision between 50% and 75% in the “S”. The mechanics are very precise probably because of the wheel bearings they put on that the other pedals do not have and that the heel of the foot goes up with the pedal.

    If you like the little details you like the R7s.

    Strong point
    – Lots of physical parameters, to obtain good comfort and good precision.
    – Heel movement with the pedal mechanism.
    – Several rubber for different type of vehicle (great)
    – Very affordable price for the quality of the pedals.
    – Adjustable vertical heel support, incredible option.
    – Software very easy to configure.

    – Not a lot, but if you want to change the rubbers of the full brake pedal, nothing is holding the rubbers and the washers. If you change the type of vehicle often you have to be patient, but I noticed that it gave a 2nd screw for the rubbers but I haven’t used it yet and they don’t mention it in the documentation.

    Congratulations to the designer.

    If it has any sentences that don’t seem to make sense, sorry as I was using google translate for this comment.

  8. Justin Hill

    I started with a cheap pair of thrustmaster spring pedals and a spring feedback wheel years ago. since then I have bought all of TM’s pedals and then moved on to Fanatecand bought CSL elite pedals followed shortly by the the CS V3’s and none of them ever really felt anything like a real brake and throttle on a high performance vehicle or any other vehicle for that matter.
    Then I laid eyes on the SimGrade R7’s and fell in love! After waiting a short time for them to be in stock they finally shipped to me and I will have to say that seeing them in person does not disappoint! The build quality and materials used are SOOOO far beyond anything else out there. Heuskenveld pedals look like someone has been tinkering around with an erector set using flimsy bent sheet metal. The construction of the R7’s is heavy duty and with ZERO play in any of the connections and adjustments.
    As far as the feel of the pedals under foot all I can say is that they totally feel like the real thing. The different adjustments for each pedal let you dial them in very easily. I know they look a bit over engineered but they have really thought of everything. These are truly the last pedals you will ever need to buy! Just save yourself the hassle of looking any further or trying any other pedals. Don’t wast your time or money on other pedals, BUY THESE PEDALS RIGHT NOW AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!! 😁
    Thanks for such a great product SimGrade!

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