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Angle brackets in sight? No? That’s correct. In Elite, a direct bolt mounting method is utilized.


Result = fast & easy assembly, increased rigidity, wiiidely but easily adjustable, no squeaking when driving…


Are these features that you’re looking for in a rig? If, yes SIMGRADE° Elite just might be your #1 choice of weapon.


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Specs: Front Mount


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  • Natively compatible with
    • Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate and ‘previous generation’ MiGE 20/30 Nm Direct Drive motors
    • SIMGRADE° R7 pedals
    • Heusinkveld pedals
    • Almost all other pedals, as the front part of the pedal deck is distance adjustable
  • Only two (!) angle brackets in the structure
    • Instead, through-profile holes and threaded profile cores are utilized
    • This mounting principle results in fast & no-hassle assembly, easy adjusting and makes the rig silent: no squeaking when driving
    • We know – from experience – that angle brackets can be a bit painful and require a lot of time when assembling. What’s also not ideal with the brackets is the above mentioned tendency to create (quite annoying) ‘sound effects’.
  • Display mount (VESA 75 / VESA 100 is angle and distance adjustable
  • Motor mount, pedal deck and seat mount are angle & distance adjustable
    • Ensuring optimal ergonomics and driving feel
  • Driving posture is very important when sound ergonomics and hence optimal driver performance are the goal. This is particularly important when driving long stints, eg. endurance racing
  • High caliber 40×160 base profiles
  • 40×80 lateral profiles eliminate even the slightest torsional rotation
  • Seat not included
  • Optional / not included as a default: keyboardmouse trays
  • Need a mount for triple screens? Coming soon, message us for more info

  Seat design and hence credit: Martin



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