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  • Heusinkveld Hand Brake *NEW*


    When rallying or drifting, you want full control.


    The new Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake is a highly adjustable, pressure sensitive USB handbrake using load cell technology. A wide range of options to set your preferred mechanical feel, complete freedom to shape the output curve using Heusinkveld SmartControl. A versatile, high quality handbrake system.




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  • SIMGRADE° R7 Pedals


    Product update 29/7/2021:

    ⇒ Advanced brake kit & Heel supports included as a default!
    ⇒ Summer special for current batch (limited stock): 1089 € two pedals / 1299 € with clutch!


    Looking to maximize pedal control and feed level accuracy? Look no further. All aspects of the R7 pedals have been designed with unmatched adjustability and best possible ergonomics in mind.


    Packed with innovative features to match the driver’s preference perfectly. Result: a level of control yet to be seen.


    The essence of R7 pedals is to provide a competitive edge. It’s up to you to capitalize on it.


    Advanced brake kit  |  Fixed heel supports  |  R7 manual


    ⇒ Click to check out videos of R7 features ⇐

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  • SIMGRADE° Elite Black


    Angle brackets in sight? No? That’s correct. In Elite, a direct bolt mounting method is utilized.


    Result = fast & easy assembly, increased rigidity, wiiidely but easily adjustable, no squeaking when driving…


    Are these features that you’re looking for in a rig? If, yes SIMGRADE° Elite just might be your #1 choice of weapon.


    Note: keyboard tray & mouse plate are optional. More features and specs: scroll down.


    Specs: Front Mount


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  • SIMUCUBE 2 Ultimate


    32 Nm of torque and maxed-out torque response rate is at your disposal at anytime. Ultimate is based on Austrian made maximally dynamic industrial motor optimized for simulation. It’s equipped with a 24 bit resolution Hiperface angle sensor to be fully utilized by the most advanced signal processing unit seen in simulators.


    Ultimate exclusively comes with advanced fine tunable signal processing to make the experience as personalized as humanly possible. This model was designed with “only the best is good enough” mindset.


    Simucube Ultimate is a tribute to the Ultimate drivers.


    Need a wheel too? Click HERE


    – Scroll down for more feats and tech specs –


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  • SIMUCUBE 2 Pro

    *Rev. 2 version: new power supply & longer power cable*


    25 Nm of torque is enough to give you deep immersion with any track, car and condition. With Pro one might forget they are in simulation.


    Combined with exceptionally high torque response rate in Pro motor, the sharpest kinks will be delivered at a clarity not seen in Direct Drive scene before. Torque response rate is adjustable to driver’s preferences.


    Simucube 2 Pro is here to set the new golden standard for high-end class Direct Drive wheels.


    Need a wheel too? Click HERE


    – Scroll down for more feats and tech specs –


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  • SIMUCUBE 2 Sport


    Sport comes with 17 Nm of direct drive torque and Simucube 2 benefits. This wheel base is a match for Sim Racing enthusiasts.


    SC2 Sport delivers serious amounts of juice to bring up adrenaline filled sweat to the skins of the drivers. Sport has comparable responsiveness and signal processing of the top-end models of world famous Simucube 1.


    Sport will be your key to the club of sim racing champions.


    Need a wheel too? Click HERE


    – Scroll down for more feats and tech specs –


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  • Pivot Plate

    • Pivot plate for fixing two aluminum profiles together
      • Usually to mount a side monitor in a triple screen setup
    • 40 degree scale for adjusting the pivot (+/- 20 degrees)
    • Can be used in other than alu-profile rigs as well, if the construction is suitable
    • Mounting holes are for M8 bolts
    • Material: 5 mm aluminum, matte black
    • Sold in kits of two and four
    • Optional: M8 bolts, washers and T-nuts
      • 8 pcs each if 2 plates selected
      • 16 pcs each if 4 plates selected


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  • SIMGRADE° LITE 80 Black

    • Neat & light but still sturdy rig with black anodized finish
    • Bolt mount method through profile, no angle brackets!
      • Result: extra rigidity, easier & faster to assemble and adjust, no squeaking when driving and sleek looks
    • Wheel Deck and Front Mount for fixing the wheel base available
      • Both are angle and distance adjustable
      • Wheel Deck: 10 mm matte black aluminum
      • Front Mount: 12 mm matte black aluminum
    • Wheel Deck compatible with
      • Fanatec DD1 and DD2, CSR, CSW, CSW adapter, CSL
      • Logitech G25, G27, G29
      • Thrustmaster T300, T500RS and similar
    • Front mount compatible with:
      • Simucube 2 Sport, Pro & Ultimate
      • Simucube 1 and other previous generation Direct Drive systems with MiGE motors 20/30 Nm
    • Adjustable Pedal Deck: distance & angle
      • Part closest to the user (40×80 profile) can be adjusted back & forth, which means that the deck is compatible with practically all pedals that have mounting holes
    • If the Wheel Deck mount is bought first (user has Logitech base for example), it can be upgraded later with the Front Mount main plate when upgrading to Direct Drive
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  • Heusinkveld Ultimate+ Pedals

    • CNC precision laser cut stainless steel with a glass bead blasted finish
    • Capable of handling up to 140 kg of actual force at the brake pedal (200 kg loadcell)
    • Compatible with Heusinkveld SmartControl software
    • EMC tested
    • Hydraulic damping on every pedal, custom made elastomers for a progressive brake feel
    • Electronics provide a full-range 12bit output for each pedal
    • Custom output curves can be freely configured and stored into profiles
    • All key pivot points have slide bearings and have gone through automated durability testing


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  • Triple screen stand black

    • Sturdy, lean-free stand for a triple screen setup
    • VESA 75/100 compatible
    • Screen mounting plates are angle adjustable
      • ‘Stepless’ fine tuning via M6 adjustment bolts ensures perfect aligning of the screens
    • Height & width adjustable
    • Vertical profiles
      • Length: 120 cm | Inner distance max: 106 cm
    • Bolts for screens included
    • Optional: top screen mount (49 €)


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