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  • Display Stand Silver Triple HD


    • Sturdy, lean-free stand for a triple screen setup
    • VESA 75/100 compatible
    • Screen mounting plates are angle adjustable
      • ‘Stepless’ fine tuning via M6 adjustment bolts ensures perfect aligning of the screens
    • Height & width adjustable
    • Vertical profiles
      • Length: 112 cm | Inner distance max: 104 cm
    • Bolts for screens included
    • Optional: top screen mount


  • Heusinkveld Ultimate+ Base Plate


    With the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ being able to cope with up to 140 kg of force, standard rigs often show excessive flex under these loads. This baseplate helps to create a rigid mounting platform for your Sim Pedals Ultimate.


    The baseplate assembly consists of multiple elements: The main baseplate on which you mount the pedals, as well as two brackets which create ground clearance for the pedal bolts and nuts and provide mounting space for the pedal controller. The main baseplate element is 10 mm thick.


    Please note that the Sim Pedals Sprint have their own baseplate and this plate is not compatible with Sprints.


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  • Motion Systems QS-220-PL


    Linear actuator technology by Motion Systems allows to develop highly realistic applications with detailed motion textures, velocity, suspension interaction feedback, engine vibrations, tactile feedback, haptic system and vehicle dynamics.


    Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the quiet operation makes the QS-220-PL as a perfect motion base not only for professional application but also for home users in various types of cockpits. Additional sets of QS-220-PL can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6 DOF using dedicated cockpits from the Qubic System product line.


    By using dedicated software Qubic Manager the user can use several sets to create the most realistic simulation that immediately responds to onscreen situations to deliver real life experience in gaming or VR applications.


    Scroll down to read more.


    QS-MC6 below: 1 controller can manage max 6 actuators = 3 sets of QS-220-PL (sold in pairs)

  • SIMUCUBE Front Mount

    • Compatibility:
      • Simucube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate
      • Simucube 1 and other ‘previous generation’ Direct Drive systems with MiGE motors 20/30 Nm
    • 12 mm aluminium all plates
    • Matte black
    • Fits rigs with vertical profile (inner) distance 400-600 mm
    • Horizontal slot holes: max. bolt distance 550 mm
    • Adjustable tilt angle when side plates are used
    • Usually mounted to the vertical profiles of an aluminum profile rig
    • Multiple fixing points enable mounting to various types of (DIY) rigs


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  • GT Bundle Motamec 320mm



    Need a wheel base as well? Remedy options here:



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  • OMP Super Quadro 320mm


    • Premium wheel rim by OMP
    • High quality suede upholstery
    • 3 black anodized spokes
    • Flat design
    • 320 mm diameter
    • Handgrip: anatomic oval shape



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  • GT Bundle Premium OMP 320mm



    Need a wheel base as well? Remedy options here:


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  • Heusinkveld Sprint base plate


    • Solid platform to mount Sprint pedals on your rig
    • Mounting points are slots allowing lateral adjustment per individual pedal: 29 mm for brake, 24 mm for throttle & clutch
    • Height adjustable heel plate, options: 0/20/40 mm
    • Mounting hardware is supplied to mount the pedals to the base plate, as well as hardware to mount the base plate to a 6 mm thick underlying plate
    • Powder coated anthacite grey & bead blasted semi-gloss surface finish


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  • B16M-USB Button Plate


    • Simucube Wireless Wheel™
    • Compatible with many popular wheel rims
    • 8 x push buttons with positive tactile feeling
    • 2 x encoders (incl. push button functionality)
    • Magnetic paddle shifters
    • Labels for various common steering wheel inputs
    • Low energy consumption: 2-3 years of battery life on heavy daily usage


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  • Heusinkveld sequential shifter


    • Durable and compact sequential shifter
    • A ball spring resistance system is utilized: results in early peak force, after which resistance drops just like in real cars
    • Comes with various lever lengths and shapes (straight / angled, see pics), as well as shifter knobs, allowing maximum adjustability
      • 3 different levers and knobs = 9 possible configurations
    • Lever thread is M10, so any other 3rd party knob with the same thread can be used



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