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  • Side support for VX-PRO pedals


    Prevents foot from sliding sideways, resulting in decreased fatigue and increased comfort.


    Driving becomes more relaxed, which in turn boosts consistency and performance, particularly when driving long stints.


    Material: 2mm stainless steel. Compatible with all VX-PRO pedals, price is per one pedal.






    23.39 (23.39 tax 0 %)
  • Tilting heel support for VX-PRO pedals


    Supports driver’s heel through the whole pedal travel range, eliminating need for repositioning your foot during racing.


    In addition, sole of the foot sliding along pedal face is effectively in the history.


    Briefly put, this brilliant kit brings comfort and input accuracy to a whole new level!


    Compatible with VX-PRO throttle & brake. Price is per one pedal.





    63.71 (63.71 tax 0 %)