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  • Motion Systems QS-220-PL

    Linear actuator technology by Motion Systems allows to develop highly realistic applications with detailed
    motion textures, velocity, suspension interaction feedback, engine vibrations, tactile feedback, haptic
    system and vehicle dynamics.


    Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the quiet operation makes the QS-220-PL as
    a perfect motion base not only for professional application but also for home users in various types of
    cockpits. Additional sets of QS-220-PL can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6
    DOF using dedicated cockpits from Qubic System product line.


    By using dedicated software Qubic Manager the user can use several sets to create the most realistic
    simulation that immediately responds to onscreen situations to deliver real life experience in gaming or VR


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    QS-MC6 below: 1 controller can manage max 6 actuators = 3 sets of QS-220-PL (sold in pairs)

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